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VoiceFlame teaches a life-changing creative writing program for girls in Malawi and beyond. We use writing as a portal to greater educational opportunities and economic independence. We accomplish this by training local teachers and leaders to become certified Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) facilitators who lead writing clubs and camps for girls. We publish chapbooks and anthologies that showcase our student’s writing while offering a distinctive opportunity for girls to see their stories in print.


In Malawi, 70% of girls can barely write a simple sentence about their daily lives, and only 11% of girls receive a secondary education. In contrast, study after study shows that literate girls are more likely to stay in school longer, marry and have children significantly later, and receive better maternal health care.


The first step to increasing literacy rates in Malawi is to provide every girl with pen and paper, a luxury for most students. Secondly, she needs an opportunity to express herself and free her creative spirit. Lastly, she needs to expand her skills to become a confident writer and published author. VoiceFlame provides the solution to these challenges.


VoiceFlame sees a world where every girl in Malawi has access to the tools she needs to discover the thrill and liberation of literacy. Over the course of three years we have determined that girls who participate in our writing programs not only improve their writing skills, they also:

  • Express themselves in front of the classroom

  • Complete secondary school

  • Cultivate an appreciation of literature

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Visualize new opportunities for their lives


VoiceFlame’s girls are leading the way in Malawi.

Julliana has improved a lot in terms of confidence. At first she was too shy to express her feelings, but now she always manages to express her mind, and she likes writing. - Mrs. Banda (Julliana's Mother)

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