Our Vision

When Malawian girls drop out of school, they usually end up getting married by the tender age of 14 or parenting their orphaned siblings. Study after study proves, increased female participation in the educational system in third world countries has numerous positive and tangible benefits including increased income, decreased hunger and poverty, improved maternal health, and a reduction in HIV/AIDS. We know that an extra year of primary school can boost future wages by 10 to 20%. And when women earn an income they tend to reinvest 90% of it into their families as compared to 30 to 40% for men. Girls who stay in school for seven or more years typically marry later and have fewer children than girls who drop out of school. 

In light of these statistics VoiceFlame takes the opportunity to work with women and girls in Malawi via writing as the portal to greater

educational opportunities, economic independence, and self actualization in a culture which historically disenfranchises and devalues women. 

In addition to the writing workshops and retreats we publish anthologies written by Malawian women, so that the authors, their communities, and the girls in our workshops recognize the validity and power of women's voices. 

Nda Ku Ona/I See You With My Heart is our premier anthology. 

VoiceFlame has changed my daughter in so many ways. For instance, she scores better grades, and I believe that VoiceFlame will continue empowering my daughter. She is now working hard in her studies and also has wide experience in the field of writing.
              - Mr. James (Gladys James' Father)

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