New Projects

Cloth Menstrual Pad Project

Many girls in Malawi miss from five to eight days of school every month due to the lack of menstrual hygiene products. Our initiative to sew and distribute re-usable, cloth menstrual kits helps to alleviate this problem for all the girls in VoiceFlame’s Writing Clubs and Camps. As part of this program, girls in Malawi are trained to sew kits, creating entrepreneurial skills and income for their families.


Writing in Nairobi, Kenya

VoiceFlame partnered with One Lamb, an NGO in Nairobi that works to end the sexual exploitation of children in impoverished local communities. We were invited to provide an opportunity for healing and restoration for the girls One Lamb serves, through a workshop using the AWA process for writing and telling their stories.  While in the country, we led two other workshops with local women, most of whom are mentoring younger women through One Lamb or other organizations that serve girls.


An Anthology of African Women's Stories

Our second anthology of African women’s stories is out. ANTHOLOGY 2019: The Stories of the Struggle for Education and Equality in Malawi. The book's purpose is to inspire girls to overcome the cultural obstacles of gender inequality and poverty that cause them to end their education prematurely. 

Using a pen is like healing a wound. It ends my worries. One day I will change the lives of other girls. - Mphatso

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