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Writing from the Heart: A Women’s Creative Writing Workshop

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October 31 – December 12


2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Purcellville, VA

Facilitated by Sue McCollum and Lisa Colburn, AWA

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Search For Meaning
Book Festival  
February 15, 2014 
Seattle, Washington.


Mary Tuchscherer will be making a presentation at this event.
For more information about the event, follow this link.
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October 2013 Newsletter

VoiceFlame Glows
As we travel throughout Malawi we are fortunate to meet many wonderful people who express interest in our writing programs. In 2013 we met Sarah, a Peace Corps volunteer who works with adolescent girls in the rural areas of the country. Sarah was eager to attend one of our workshops and after doing so,  was quick to recognize its positive impact on raising women’s and girl’s voices. We recently received this email from Sarah:

“[I am writing] to tell you of the success we had hosting a VOICEFLAME workshop at Camp GLOW 2013!  Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) is an annual female empowerment camp hosted by US Peace Corps and Malawian partners. I am again so grateful for the opportunity to have attended the VoiceFlame workshop in May.  I continue to use components learned to inspire others to share their story.”


And in Sarah’s blog she wrote: “We moved from exercises of writing into learning how to be an effective public speaker, to ask questions, and to find one’s voice, a voice that is unique.”


We are thrilled to know the fires VoiceFlame ignited have spread and are being embraced by Peace Corps volunteers and others. As we explore additional collaborative projects in Malawi, the number of girls who benefit will continue to increase.


We are honored to publish a poem by Salome, a young woman who attended Camp GLOW.

For Our Burdens Are Laid Off Confused

Confused Mind we had

Not even at ease

As life was so hard

Problems were our partners

Forming on us dull patterns

For they considered us inferior

But hopes we had

Knowing that one day we shall be superior

At last we are relieved

Due to coming to Camp GLOW

Encouraging girls to grow

Not only physically

Nor biologically

But psychologically

And normally

There it is

Teaching us to be independent

To be at ease

Prompting us to be prudent

And not impudent

To have confidence

And never to be cowards


And never to be shy

So let’s wake up girls

For this is our chance

Lets fasten our belts

For the journey is long

On the yonder hill is our goal

Make sure we carry enough coal

To keep us glowing

On our way

And never to look back

To avoid backsliding

For our burdens are laid off.

By: Salome Desire Kahonge


A Warm Welcome and Appreciation

VoiceFlame welcomes Christina Ditzel who will now be responsible for creating and designing our newsletters. We are grateful for Susen Hickman’s leadership establishing the newsletter and thankful that Christina will carry the torch. Susen will now be able to focus on her increasing responsibilities as Chief Financial Officer.

Christina was born and raised in northern California.  She says her volunteer newsletter role with VoiceFlame “fits perfectly” with her current work as Director of Communications at Carondelet High School for girls.

Christina wrote, “I was lucky to be born in the US where education is mandatory for everyone; however,  I know that all children, especially girls, aren’t as fortunate. When I received the email about VoiceFlame’s needing volunteers, I thought this would be a great opportunity to volunteer outside of my local community for a cause dear to my heart.”

We are very happy Christina took the steps to act from her heart.   With her leadership, we are hoping our continually improving newsletter becomes one of your favorite “must-reads” each month.

VoiceFlame Meets Malawian Author

Sue McCollum, COO, and cross-cultural journeyer Pamela Schmidt, recently met with Malawian William Kamkwamba, author of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, and presented him with a copy of Nda Ku Ona, VoiceFlame’s anthology of women’s stories.

William, currently a student at Dartmouth College class of 2014, is a 2009 TED Global Fellow, recognized for his ingenuity and determination in building a windmill to bring electricity to his village. He participates in the Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering program, a group of students who undertake engineering projects to improve communities in need. After graduation, he plans to return to Malawi and install solar panels in some of the primary schools so students can use computers or read at night.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind was selected by Loudoun County, Virginia’s One Book program, a county-wide reading program that promotes community dialogue and understanding through the shared experience of reading and discussing the same book.

To read more about William Kamkwamba and The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, follow this link.   

Volunteer Positions
VoiceFlame is experiencing an exciting time of growth and we are looking for volunteers to help us in the following areas:
  • maintaining and updating our website
  • creating a 3-5 minute promotional video
  • developing a unified message for our website, video and informational flyer
Please share this with anyone you think may be interested. 
For more information contact Mary
Sharing your talents and time will be an opportunity for you to make a difference and will help VoiceFlame further its mission and vision.

From the Board
Mary Headshot
The VoiceFlame team is working hard to raise the voices of as many girls and women as possible.  We invite you to join us in whatever way you are able and please, tell your friends about us.  One great way to do this is to “Like” us on Facebook (click on this link to find our page).  If you’re able to make a tax-deductable monetary donation simply follow this link to our PayPal account and select how much you would like to donate and if it will be a one-time or recurring donation.  
There are many voices yearning to be heard!
Thank you,
Mary Tuchscherer, CEO
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